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Product Disclaimer

Make sure you understand the product

Extreme caution must be used at all times while wearing magnetic roofing shoes & roofing shoes improper use of the shoes can result in a loss of footing, which can lead to serious injury or death. Read and understand all warnings and safety instructions before using magnetic shoes and roofing shoes;


  1. Do not use on wet, oily, or icy surfaces, such as; snow; frost; dew; condensation; loose debris; powdery or chalky surfaces; etc.

  2. Do not wear shoes for everyday use or track through mud, water, ice, oil, snow, or grassy surfaces; this will result in poor performance of the shoes.

  3. Magnetic roofing shoes should only be worn on metal roofs and should only be put on your feet at the access point to the roof, bottom of ladder straight to roof, top of scaffolding at the stepping point onto roof.

  4. Inspect the shoes before each use to ensure that the sole is free of any swarf or debris, at no time should the shoes be worn without the use of the magnetic cleaning tool to remove all swarf or metal matter that may have become attached to the sole of the shoe, if any swarf or material cannot be removed from the sole of the shoe the shoe must be replaced immediately. Under no circumstances should the shoes be used after four months of daily use. The shoe should be showing signs of wear and tear.

  5. Inspect the shoes before each use to ensure the magnets have not worn though the sole and are visible. When the magnetic shoe or the roofing shoe show signs of sole wear for example; the z pattern wears off the sole and there are smooth spots visible on the sole, shoes should be replaced immediately. Use of the shoes with a worn sole could result in a loss of footing, which can lead to serious injury or death.  

  6. Always use appropriate fall protection, including, but not limited to, approved safety belts, life lines (lanyards), and/or guard rail protection that meets or exceeds federal, state, and local regulations.

  7. Extreme care should be taken when going up or down ladders or scaffolding. The magnetic sole design of the shoes does not provide the same type of grip, footing or feel as an “ordinary” shoe.