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How it Works

How we help keep you up on the roof

Magnetic Roofing Shoes

With the use of powerful magnets located in the soles of our shoes we have created a product that surpasses any roofing shoe you may have worn in the past.

With the combination of a rubber sole and magnets our shoe allows you to walk freely on metal roofing surfaces with greater pitches. This technology in conjunction with appropriate safety equipment used for roofing will assist you in giving you extra grip and traction while working. 

Roofing Shoes

A non-magnetized alternative, the Roofer is a flexible design that maximizes grip and comfort.

With a 100% rubber sole and industrial/breathable micro fiber upper that is built to last, this shoe allows you to contour your foot to the roof profile what ever it may be and maintain firm contact with the surface. 

The Magnetic Sole Cleaning Tool

Our magnetic roofing shoe tool has been designed to eliminate the issue of metal swarf/metal roofing debris attaching to the magnetized sole of our shoes. With a simple swipe of our tool over the sole metal materials will be removed from the sole attaching to the tool instead. To remove metal swarf/materials from the tool simply wipe with a spare cloth/rag.

How simple is it to use? Take a look

Grab the Cleaning Tool

Grab the Cleaning Tool

Give it a quick clean before use

Grab the Cleaning Tool and give it a quick clean before use to ensure it will remove the maximum swarf from the shoe.

Firmly press against Sole

Firmly press against Sole

Start collecting Swarf with the tool

Firmly press the Cleaning Tool into the sole of the shoe to start collecting the metal swarf from the shoe.

Pull Cleaning Tool away

Pull Cleaning Tool away

Remove the Swarf from the sole

Remove the swarf by gently pulling away the cleaning tool, dont pull too quickly as swarf may get left on the sole.

Clean Tool and Repeat

Clean Tool and Repeat

Repeat the process as needed

Remove swarf from the tool using a rag or paper towel and continue the process until the sole is swarf free.