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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the magnetic sole work?

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    The magnetic sole assists in slipping on flat metal surfaces. The strong magnets in the sole magnetizes your foot to metal surfaces assisting in sliding on steep metal gradients but will allow you to freely lift your foot to walk.

    A concept a bit like a fridge magnetic, you cannot slide the magnet down your fringe but you can easily pull the magnet off the metal surface.

  • How long will the sole stay magnetized?

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    There will be no loss in magnetized force from within the sole of the shoe however the soles of the shoes will wear out with use affecting the use of the shoes. Once the wear reaches a certain point the shoe will need replacement. 

  • Will the metal shavings or off cuts of metal on site attach to the sole of my magnetized roofing shoe?

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    Yes, the shoes will pick up metal debris from the ground or surrounding metal surfaces being worked on. Like all jogger/shoes worn on a roof they should be worn only at the direct access point to the roof/metal surface, for example: at the top of scaffold, at the stepping point to the roof or at the bottom of the ladder that has direct access to the roof.

    There will be 1 magnetic cleaning tool supplied with every pair of new shoes and also available to purchase extra of or to replace from Magnetic Shoe Co.

  • What’s the difference between magnetic roofing shoes and the roofing shoes?

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    The roofing shoes are NOT magnetic, they are a standard type of roofing shoe.  The roofing shoes have been designed with 100% rubber soles maximizing flexibility and comfort on your working profile.  Breathable and soft they will warm as you work assisting in grip to help with stability.