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The Magnetic Sole Cleaning Tool


How it works

The Must have Product to accompany your Magnetic Shoes. The Cleaning Tool is a pretty simple bit of kit to operate, however we've broken down the 4 main steps you'll need to know to keep your M Roofer's grippy & sticky. Make sure to always keep one handy when your planning to use the shoes.


Step #1

Grab the Cleaning Tool and give it a quick clean before use to ensure it will remove the maximum swarf from the shoe.



Step #2

Firmly press the Cleaning Tool into the sole of the shoe to start collecting the metal swarf from the shoe.



Step #3

Remove the swarf by gently pulling away the cleaning tool, dont pull too quickly as swarf may get left on the sole.



Step #4

Remove swarf from the tool using a rag or paper towel and continue the process until the sole is swarf free.

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